Checklist for buying a new Android Phone

Checklist for buying a new Android Phone
Checklist for buying a new Android Phone

There are now hundreds of new Android mobile phone that are launching almost in day to day basis. As soon as you have purchased one mobile phone, You will see the next upcoming mobile phone with the same amount of features in the next month. A few years back, this was only the main problem of iPhone users. Now the same thing has been happening also with the Android smartphones. As soon as you buy one phone, you will see the next coming with a more affordable price and also new features. If you want o purchase a mobile phone and then never get upset about purchasing one. You should follow the checklist as given. Make sure you don’t miss any single one of them as all of these are important.

Checklist to follow while buying mobile

  • Check the brand of your phone as it does matter
  • Check if the company has a service center in your city. Most of them ignore this thing
  • See if there are any new mobile to be launched in the same price range
  • Look for another variant of the same mobile phone
  • Check if the phone will be updated to the latest Android version
  • Look for the Camera as well as other features of Camera
  • Check the basic features of the phone such as RAM, Storage space, etc
  • Don’t forget to check the battery of your phone
  • Check if it has fast charging
  • For the people who have rough use, make sure the phone has Gorilla glass and other screen protection
  • If you love to take your phone to shower, purchase the phone that is waterproof
  • Don’t forget about the number of sensors and the total sensors the phone has.
  • Check the number of sim card supported. Whether they are 4G or not. See which type of sim cards are supported
  • Lastly, check if it looks good in your hand


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