Should you install apps from unknown Source?

Should you install apps from unknown Source?
Should you install apps from unknown Source?

People might be very familiar with this particular topic. Whenever you want to do a certain thing using your Android phone. All you do is open Google and search for the thing that you want to do. You will surely find one link where it says you can download XYZ app when you click on the download button. You won’t be redirected to the Google Play Store, Instead, it will directly start downloading. When you install the app, it will ask if you want to install the app from an unknown source or not.

Although, most of the people just press yes and continue to download from an unknown source. Some of the people are still confused whether they should download from the app or not. In such cases, here’s the answer that you are looking for. Make sure you read the entire article to know the exact answer.

Trusted Source

Make sure the website from where you are downloading the application is trusted. If you are downloading any application which has transaction either deposit or withdrawal or you need to submit your personal document on it. You should check the website twice. Make sure you download the official app of any company from their official website and not from different kind of sources.


Why you should not download?

There are many reasons why you should not download, below given are some of the reason why you shouldn’t download the app from unknown source.

  • They may have a lot of viruses which can slow down your entire mobile phone
  • The advertisement is a lot more when compared to the official app, they may have added more ads to earn money
  • It may steal your data, not only from their own app but also from other apps and file manager.

These are the reasons you should not use apps from untrusted source.




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