Should you use Ram booster Apps?

Should you use Ram booster Apps?
Should you use Ram booster Apps?

You might have seen hundreds of application in the Google Play store which claims to reduce the ram usage and hence increase the performance of your device. We even mentioned it in our Android tricks, it is always better to clean the apps to release the RAM.

Now, at least one of your friend may have told you that you should not use such kind of apps or you might be wondering all by yourself, are these apps even useful or they will just consume your storage space. We are going to discuss the same and give you every detail why you should or should not use such kind of apps which cleans the RAM and increases the performance of the device.


How do these apps work?

  • Basically, when you close an Android app, the app is not completely closed. Instead, the app is minimized. The app is still using the CPU, Ram, as well as a battery of your Android phone.
  • When you open the cleaner app and hit that clean button, the app will automatically kill the application.
  • Hence, it releases the RAM
  • When you restart the app, it will load all the resources again.


Should you use these apps?

Well, when you finally kill the app, the app won’t use the memory.

If you want to use the app again after some times, and you open the app. The app will restart all of its processes and load all of its resources. These will consume more RAM than it was minimized. Therefore, if you want to use the same app again after some time, you should not kill the app either use RAM booster to clean it. If you do not want to use the apps again in some time, in such cases you can use the RAM booster or directly kill the app.

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