Earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards

Earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards
Earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards

No matter if you have started to use the internet or you are daily users, we all know about Google. The giant search engine has tons of subsidiaries some of them which are YouTube, Gmail, Adsense, Adwords, etc. Also, along with this, they have their own OS, and an app store for Android called Google Play store. There are millions of apps available in the play market for Android. Among them, there are many paid apps for which you will need to pay a little price to get those app or install those apps. So, in this, we will see how you can Earn Google Play credits which can be used to purchase any app from Google Play store.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is an app published by Google Survey team in the app store. There are various short surveys available in this app. Once you answer them, you will get some money. This money can be redeemed for Google Play credits. Unfortunately, you can’t cash out the money, you can only transfer it to buy apps from Google Play.

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How to use Google Opinion Rewards

In order to use Google Opinion reward, you must have a Google Account. If not, you can create it for free.

  • Open Play store and search for Google Opinion Rewards
  • Download the first one. Or click here to go to the link
  • Open the app and sign in to your account
  • It will ask you for Language, Select your language. Please select all the language you know. As you will be getting surveys in these languages and you will be able to earn more.
  • Hit the next button
  • Your account is now created


Things to keep in Mind

Although, Google pays good money. Make sure you keep these things in Mind

  • Answer correctly and accurately
  • Don’t answer directly without even seeing at the question
  • Answer all the surveys


You can now earn credits from Google Pay.


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