{Pubg Mobile} How to get UC in Discounted rate


The new online multiplayer game has taken the attention of not only all the teenagers but also all the youths. People are playing Pubg mobile all day long. Pubg mobile is a free mobile game with millions of downloads. You can download it for Android as well as the Ios devices.

About game

Basically, in this game, there are 100 players which are spawn in the play area with different teams. Each team has at most 4 players. Later on, an airplane takes all the 100 players to the play map. Players have to jump out of the airplane and loot the building in order to find guns and supplies.

Meanwhile, there is a cirlce which shows the play area. All the players will have to play within the circle. The circles gets smaller and smaller and lastly, it disappears. The team which survives till last and kills other players wins the game.

The game has 2 modes called classic and arcade. Classic is traditional gameplay while the arcade consists of some quick games for a short duration. In the last update, they also added war mode. The latest update also added event mode which added zombie.


Getting discount

The game has various weapon skins, car skins, and emotes. You need to either purchase it or complete the Royal Pass mission to avail it. All of these can be brought through the in-game currency called UC.  You can also buy a Royal Pass elite version which increases the number of missions.

Recently, Pubg added pay through PayTm options. Paytm is an Indian bank and payment gateway. To avail cashback in Paytm, all you have to do is go to https://pubgmobile.com/pay/ and you will be redirected to the payment page. Select the Paytm option and pay the money. You will get cash back directly in your Paytm account.



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