Best apps to increase music volume on Android

Best apps to increase music volume on Android
Best apps to increase music volume on Android

Music is life, there surely are many people who love listening to music every time. However, in some of the mobile phones, you can’t listen to songs due to low volume. Therefore, we will here see how to increase music volume on android. We will see the best apps to increase music volume on Android. These applications will help you to boost your volume. The best part is that these apps work with almost every music app. Whether you are using Google Play Music or you are using Amazon Music to listen to the songs. This will work perfectly well. So, let’s begin.


#1 Bass Booster and Equalizer (Best apps to increase music volume)

Best apps to increase music volume

Our first selection that you can go with is Bass booster. With this amazing application, you can set the bass, treble and all the other equalizer settings directly from this app. Once you set all the settings, it will automatically boost the music volume for you. For the people who want to listen to a variety of music, this is one of the best apps to increase music volume. Therefore, you can surely try this app. The app has a colorful theme and also comes with more than 10 preset that you can quickly start using.

Download Link: Bass Booster and Equalizer


#2 Volume Booster Pro

Best apps to increase music volume

Unlike the previous app, this is a different yet one of the best apps to increase volume. Here, you will not get to choose from various preset and configure the app. instead, all you can do is increase or boost the volume of Android phones with X percentage. There are several options from which you can select the level. You can either increase the volume by 10%, 20% and so on. Moreover, you can also increase the phone’s volume by 200% if you want. On some mobile phones, it will burst the volume and hence the music won’t be that good. Therefore, you can increase the volume by 100% maximum.

Download Link: Volume Booster Pro


#3 Super High Volume booster

Best apps to increase music volume

In some mobile phones, the ringtone volume is perfect but when it comes to listening to songs, the sound automatically decreases. That’s where this application is useful. There are a couple of options using which you can either increase your notification’s sound or you can increase your media volume. Therefore, for the people who are facing a similar problem, this app is for you. If you talk about how much volume you want to increase, there aren’t many options given over here which is quite disappointing. But hey, you get many other features in this app. Therefore, this is one of our picks for the apps to increase sound.

Download Link: Super High Volume booster


Final words

To conclude, these are a couple of the best apps to increase music volume in android. You can surely try all the three apps one by one if you want. Later on, you can use the app that you like the most. This is the best method you can use to know about the apps. If you got a system update on your phone and thereafter you are facing this problem. You should try restarting your device to see if it works.

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