Grasshopper App review | Learn coding with Google

Grasshopper App review | Learn coding with Google
Grasshopper App review | Learn coding with Google

Among millions of android apps in the play store, there are thousands of coding apps that you can take a look at. However, people are still not able to find the perfect app for them. Therefore, if you are looking for the best app to learn coding, here is the coding app from Google that you can use. Many of you might have already used this app. However,  for the people who are not its user yet, here is the complete Grasshopper app review.

Yes, the name of the app is Grasshopper. Unlike most of the coding apps, Google went a little extraordinary over here. The application helps you to learn coding in a fun way. Let’s begin the Grasshopper App review to know more about the app.


Grasshopper review

First of all, it is one of the best coding apps that you will find in the entire play store. If you are looking to learn coding in a fun and light way, this is the perfect app for you. In the same way, the people who are too serious for the coding can also try the app. However, serious leaners do not tend to like the techniques of teaching over here.

Unlike most of the apps, here you will not get tutorials. Instead, you will be given a fun puzzle type questions. If it is hard to understand, let me tell you how it went for me.

When I opened the app, they first told me quickly what we going to learn. We were about to learn how to draw boxes in Javascript.

The app automatically drew the first 3 boxes of different colors for me. There was the complete 3 line code below it. My job was to make the next three boxes. There are syntaxes that you need to drag and drop in the coding panel.

Moreover, the application also guides you each and everywhere in real time. In other words, when I wrote the wrong line, the application directly told me about it in real time.

In the same way, there are many things you will learn over here. After using the app for a couple of day, I can say in this Grasshopper App review that it is the best app for coding. You can try it out and see yourself.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about the Grasshopper App review. You can surely try out the app and see if you feel comfortable with the teaching style of this app from Google.

Download Link: Grasshopper

This app is free. So, you don’t need to worry about paying a single dime. However, if your favorite app is premium and you are looking to get it for free. You can easily earn Google play credits using Google Opinion reward. We have already written an amazing post on How to earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards.


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