Best Flashlight apps: Are they really useful?

Best Flashlight apps: Are they really useful?
Best Flashlight apps: Are they really useful?

There surely are tons of best flashlight apps available on the Google Play Store. Have you have ever wondered are these best flashlight apps really useful? All the phones have their own flashlight apps that you can use. However, these best flashlight apps claim to be more efficient and make the light ultra bright. So, we will see a couple of the best flashlight apps you can use.

Are these best flashlight apps really useful?

Before going more into the topic, let’s first see whether these best torch apps for Android really useful or they will just waste your space. Well, some of these apps are really useful. You will get a brighter light. Also, for the people who have somehow deleted the official inbuilt app can use these. A couple of these free flashlight apps can also change the color of the light. Therefore, you can surely use them.

Best flashlight apps download

The question still remains the same. If SOME of these apps are useful then which are they? Well, we are not able to list all of them but we will surely try to make your work easier. Therefore, we have 3 best flashlight apps free download.

#1 Flashlight

Best Flashlight apps

Of course, you guessed it. The first in our list of the best flashlight apps is Flashlight. It is an app by Lighthouse Inc. It has millions of downloads. Also, it helps you to see a brighter light than your default torch application. Moreover, if your mobile hardware supports multiple LED lights, it can change the LED color as per your selection.

Download Link: Flashlight


#2 Flashlight Classic

Best Flashlight apps

If you are afraid that other apps might steal your data, this should be your choice. One of the best torch apps that don’t steal data is this one. It only needs your camera permission and that is because the flashlight is a part of your camera. Therefore, in order to turn on the flashlight, you will need to allow the app to access the camera. The application behaves like a stroboscope. Hence, it will give you really bright light.

Download link: Flashlight Classic


#3 Tiny Flashlight + LED

Best Flashlight apps

If you didn’t like any of the two best torch android apps given above, here is the last one that we could find. Tiny Flashlight + LED is quick and easy to use the app. You can start using the app with one click. It is simple to use and you can quickly turn on the torch whenever you want. It is a free android flashlight app that you can use. Moreover, the last thing advantage of the app is that it uses very little battery. Hence, the torch will stay with you for a long time.

Download Link: Tiny Flashlight + LED


Final words

To conclude, if you are looking for torch apps for Android, any of these can be used. All of these are almost similar with little to no difference. Therefore, you can use any of them as per your choice.

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