Easy French Stories app Review (Text and Audiobooks)

Easy French Stories app Review (Text and Audiobooks)
Easy French Stories app Review (Text and Audiobooks)

Reading books and listening to audiobooks are the best thing that will enhance your brain. Now, you can read all the books in french too. We are here with the easy french stories app review. Basically, it is an app in which you can read and listen to all the french stories directly using the app. You can view the french stories in text as well as you can view the same thing in the audio form if you want. Therefore, it is one of the best apps you can go with. We are going to do a full easy french stories app review over here in this post.


Easy French Stories app Review

First of all, when you open the app you will see all the different kinds of stories that you can listen to directly. Moreover, if you are fed up with the text version of the stories, you can also go with the audio version of the story.

The application is best for all the people whether you are new in the french language or you have the expertise and are fluent in the language. There are many french stories in the Android app that you can listen to the stories or alternatively you can read them whenever you want.

If you are new to the app, there is an amazing thing in the application. You will see the full transcript of the story you are hearing. If you are facing a problem anywhere with any of the words, you no longer need the dictionary. As there is a complete explanation with glossary. You will easily find the meaning of the French word in English.

This was all we could find in the Easy French Stories app Review.

French Audiobooks and Text quality

Talking about the quality of the audiobooks and text, all of them are pretty good. All the words are clear to listen and you can listen to each and every word very clearly. Moreover, if you have any problems in the words, you can directly check out the text from the given description. In the same way, the words and the text are very clear. You can also easily find the meaning of the words easily in their glossary section. The tet is easy to view and you will find the meaning of most of the hard french words.

Therefore, even if you are a newbie in French, you will be able to understand pretty much everything in this french audiobook app. Therefore, if you take that into consideration, the app is pretty nice. You can surely try this app.

Here is the direct download link: Easy french stories

Out of Curiosity: Are you learning french or you are a master? Tell us in the comment section below.

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