Spanish Audio Stories app Review | Spanish AudioBooks free

Spanish Audio Stories app Review | Spanish AudioBooks free
Spanish Audio Stories app Review | Spanish AudioBooks free

Spanish language is now a worldwide language. People from all over the world want to learn Spanish. You can just open Instagram and find millions of profiles with Spanish words written in the bio. In the same way, for the people who are looking to read some Spanish books free, you can check out this amazing Spanish audio stories app available in the play market. We are going to do a full Spanish Audio stories app review over here.

Basically, it is a Spanish audiobook app from which you can listen to some amazing stories in the Spanish language. So, let’s begin the review.


Spanish Audio Stories app Review

There is not a description given of the app and this is the main reason why people don’t know about it. To make your work easier, we are going to do a full Spanish audio stories app review. You will get to know about many things and we will also tell you some of the disadvantages of the app.

The app is pretty simple. When you open the app, you can check out various stories that are given. When you click on any of the stories, it will start to play. You can play any stories that are available on the Spanish audiobook app. The teller will tell you the entire story on the topic in the Spanish language. Moreover, you can also follow the storyteller if you want. In the same way, if you want you can like the story. Last but not least, you can download the story for offline purposes. With this, you can listen to the story anytime you want without any internet connection or data.

Disadvantages of Spanish AudioBooks free app

Here are a couple of disadvantages that we found in the app. Basically, these are just some of the missing features in the Spanish AudioBooks free app. Please note that all these drawbacks are only for the current version of the app (when this post was published). The developer might have updated the app.

  • There should be an option to control the speed of the Spanish audiobook. There are many new Spanish learners who are listening to these stories for practice. It will be a little hard for them to listen to the story at more speed. In the same way, for the people who do not like slow stories can increase the speed.
  • There are very few stories. Hence, the number of stories can be added.
  • The one feature that is missing is the subtitles/transcribe of the stories. There are a couple of words that are hard to understand for some people. There either should be a translation or Spanish subtitles.

Final words

To conclude the Spanish Audio Stories app Review, this was all about the Spanish AudioBooks free app that you can use. Why don’t you try the app today itself and tell us about your experience in the comment box?

Download Link: Spanish Audio stories

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