Survival on Raft Game Review | Ocean Nomad

Survival on Raft Game Review | Ocean Nomad
Survival on Raft Game Review | Ocean Nomad

We are back with another game review. So, we were actually going to make a list of top ocean games you can play but we came across this amazing game. One of our members played this game for a couple of days and this is completely amazing. If you always wonder what if you got stuck on a raft, this game is for you. As the post title says, here we are going to do a full Survival on Raft game review. The original name of the game is ocean nomad. Feeling excited? Let’s just begin the Survival on raft game review.

Survival on Raft Game Review

Gameplay | Survival on Raft Game Review

Here, you will first be thrown directly into the ocean with a raft. You will have a hook from which you can capture and take a couple of things from the ocean. All these things will help you to keep cure your hunger and thirst. Also, there are a couple of machines that you can make. You will have various equipment that will help you to cook, fight and survive. There are basically 3 types of things you can make. One is for the raft. The second is for the production and the third thing that you can make is for your survival.

You have to build your raft from various things you collect from the ocean. You can make the raft bigger or you can create an extra floor. Also, you can create a fence and other things to keep your raft safe from the shark. The production will include things like the furnace, burner, fishing net, etc. This will help you to cook and make various things from all the stuff you have. The last thing is for our survival, here you can create hooks, ax, spades, jacket, pants, etc. All these will save you from enemies and weather.

All you have to do is craft your raft and meet the other survivals. The game doesn’t end, all you have to do is survive as long as you can. The game surely gives you peace that you are looking for. Sitting in the raft with soft ocean sound is amazing. Therefore, you are surely going to love it.



Final words on Survival on raft game review

To conclude this was all about the amazing game we came across. You can surely download the game and check it yourself. It is addicting as it takes a couple of times to build things. We forgot to mention, you can also travel on different islands and on other people’s raft. Yes, you can directly steal things from that. It is amazing as you can craft your own dream raft directly from the things you collect from the ocean. If you are a sea lover and also love t play games, you should surely try this game.

Download Link: Survival on Raft


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