Smash the Office Game Review | Stress buster game

Smash the Office Game Review | Stress buster game
Smash the Office Game Review | Stress buster game

Let’s just admit we all dealing with some kind of nonsense every single day. It might be your job that is stressful or it might be because your clients are not liking your work. Also, the school and college students have enough to stress about. Therefore, to remove this stress, there are a couple of stress buster games available in the Play Store. Smash the Office game is a stress buster game. We are going to do a full smash the office game review.

smash the office game review

When you are feeling stressed, you feel like you want to break all the things, right? You should definitely go through the Smash the Office game review as this is the game where you break things. This is the perfect game for anyone who is fed up with their office work or have any other stress. You can surely download this particular game and review all the stress. In this smash the office game review, we will see gameplay, features, videos, screenshots, and lastly, you can download the game from the link.

Gameplay | Smast the Office Game review

First of all, we will see the basics of the game. There is an office room on the first level which you will have to destroy. You will get a hockey stick to smash all the things. There is a timer that goes on and on. If you are able to smash more things in the given time, you can play the next level.

In the next level, you will get a bigger room along with some bigger things to smash. In other words, depending on your stress level, you can go with any of the levels. Also, the game doesn’t end here. As you complete the levels and earn the points, you can also buy some new guerilla weapons. This becomes interesting as the level upgrades. Suppose, it takes 3 shots to break the computer in the office with a hockey stick, it might just take one or two in the new weapon. Therefore, gameplay becomes interesting.

Talking about the graphics, these are not that good. You will get 2D type graphics like the one you saw in Virtual Cop 2. But hey, it’s Smash the Office Game review, it is not an entertainment game, it is more for bursting out all the stress by breaking all the things.


Screenshot and Video

Feel free to take a look at the video to know more about the game.

Along with this, here are a couple of screenshots taken from Google Play Store. The graphics are simple as we said. You can check out the game, it is the best stress fix game.

Pricing and Download
It would be totally useless if we don’t give pricing and Smash the Office download link in this Smash the Office game review. Therefore, here in this section, we will see the pricing of the game and you can download it from here. The game is available in the Google Play Store at no cost.
Download Link: Smash the Office 

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