Earn money by Creating Memes

Earn money by Creating Memes
Earn money by Creating Memes

Memes are one of the best ways to relieve all the tension and stress. No matter how bad your day was or you just broke up with your partner, Memes can make your mood fresh in no time. Some people are day free watching memes, and you guy must also have some of the dank ideas on your mind which can make someone’s day. Now, no more doing it for free. There is an app that pays you to create memes for them.

The name of the App

The name of the app that pays you to create memes is “Meme chat”. Yes, with this app you can earn real money just by creating the memes. We know sometimes description can be too boring. Therefore, let’s directly cut to the FAQ section and you will get to know everything about the app.


Can you create any memes?

No, you must create the memes that they want. You can see it in the rewards section


Do you need photoshop knowledge?

No, they have their own meme editor from which you can create memes.


Do I get paid for every meme?

You are only paid if the memes are approved. According to the reviews, it is a little hard to get approved. You will need to have a good knowledge and sense of humor in order to get your meme approved


Other features

There are various other features that make Meme chat one of the best apps in the Play Store

  • They have a powerful meme editor where you can create and edit memes
  • You can post your¬†memes in the app feed.
  • It also supports anonymous posting
  • All of the memes are shown in the same feed
  • You get stickers and templates which are updated every day
  • You can compete among your friends and other members in the world


You can download Meme chat app from Google Play Store.




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